Saturday, January 31, 2015

Valentine's Day

My husband and I just got back from a short vacation to Disneyland! We had such a fun time and January is really the best time to go. The lines are short and the weather is perfect. We spent three days exploring both parks and just spending time together. It was definitely a much needed getaway for both of us!

Now that we're back home, I decided to start making Valentine's cards for my friends and family. I made this one for my wonderful husband.

I used the Snuggles and Smooches stamp set to create the string-like background and a random heart stamp from my stash. I also used the set Hello Life to create the external sentiment.

I had a bunch of lovely-dovey sentiments in my stash, so I chose one that I just love to place inside my card. It's definitely appropriate for our relationship. Neither one of us is anywhere close to perfect (we have plenty of faults!), but we balance each other well and we're definitely perfect together.
I used gold embossing powder for each of the stamps (I'm really loving gold right now!). I think my husband will love this card and I can't wait to give it to him!
Stamps: Hello Life, Snuggles & Smooches, and random stamps from my sash
Paper: Whisper White
Ink: Versamark
Embossing Powder: Recollections Gold
Tools: Embossing Buddy, Heat Tool

Friday, January 16, 2015

I'm Not Dead!

Well, I took an unexpected break for a while there! I got burnt out, to tell you the truth. I was trying too hard to update nearly every day and it really took the fun out of it for me.

Then the holidays came and I was so busy with everything that making cards flew to the back of my mind. AND THEN....I burnt my hand. I'm not talking a tiny little burn that healed in a few days. I'm talking a serious second degree (bordering on third degree) burn to my palm and wrist that left me crippled for weeks. It's just now starting to get back to normal, so I'm hoping to be back to my old antics in a few days.

Just a head's up - I won't be updating as frequently as I was at the beginning of my blog (mostly to save my sanity), but I will be trying to post something at least once a week if I can.

As a final word, I just wanted to say how amazingly thrilled and humbled I am that one (or  more) of my cards has been floating around Pinterest lately. I've seen a ton of repinnings and every time I see it, it makes me smile. To think that people actually enjoy the things I put up here. That's definitely worth the time and effort to keep up with my blog. So thank you, mysterious people that visit me, for taking the time to read and pin the posts I offer to you!

(This is the card I see most frequently. It just makes me smile!)