Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Inspiration Found!

I wasn't feeling very creative over the past couple of days, so I didn't spend much time in my craft room. I spent some time getting caught up on my friends back in Indiana and watching Robin Williams movies (so sad!).

In the midst of all of this, I discovered that one of my friends from high school has actually made it pretty big in the music industry. (The second of my friends to become famous! The first being Kate Bolduan of CNN fame!) Tim Showalter, who grew up down the street from me (in fact, a couple houses down from Kate), is the Singer/Songwriter responsible for Strand of Oaks.

Tim was recently featured on Late Night with Seth Meyers plugging his new album HEAL. If you're a fan of great rock and roll (and I mean 80's and 90's style rock), then check out his new album. I get tired of the overly electronic music these days and his music is a throwback to all that was good about those decades. His writing style is highly personal (check out Goshen '97 - it's all about his Freshman year of high school).

Anyway, his success inspired the following card: Dare to Dream

Stamps: Kinda Eclectic, Loving Thoughts (retired)
Ink: Mossy Meadow
Paper: Whisper White, Mossy Meadow
Embossing Folder: Honeycomb

And now for a remembrance...

When I listen to Goshen '97 I remember Tim sitting in the back of our World History class (on top of his desk before class) singing Smashing Pumpkins with our friend Geoff. Crazy that he mentions the Pumpkins in his song! So proud of my classmate today!

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