Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Personal Challenge

I hate the color orange. I've always hated it. It's glaring and ugly. Well, maybe I'm a little bit biased. I'm a fair-skinned blond, so I can't wear orange or I look washed out and awful. I've had a lifelong aversion to the color. Because of all of this, I've decided to challenge myself to use orange more often.

I constantly find myself reaching for neutral colors or "safe" colors (you know what I'm talking about: red, blue, green...).For the next few days, I'm going to keep my orange ink on my desk and use it whenever possible.

(Side note: Sorry I've been absent for a while again. I've had several doctors appointments to try to figure out why I've not been feeling well. Turns out, I'm allergic to Arizona. My husband and I moved here in September, so this is my first summer in the area. I'm allergic to pretty much everything that grows here! Now that my meds have been fixed, I'm hoping to be able to craft a whole lot more often!)

Today's project: Butterfly Birthday cards.

I started out with this neutral one using Sahara Sand ink and the Best of Butterflies set with a sentiment from Wetlands. The panel is stamped randomly and then the flag is added with dimensionals. I stamped the butterfly on the tag and then restamped on a piece of scrap paper and cut it out. I added the second butterfly over the first with a small glue dot and added some rhinestones for some shimmer.

Then I redid the card in Tangerine Tango. Same instructions for making it, just a different ink.

Amazingly enough, I like it. (Even though it is evil orange!)

I'll let you decide, which is your favorite?

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